Friday, May 23, 2008

Off island

For a little while.

Going to Guam, which is only a 50 minute flight from Saipan.

Everyone describes it as a much more commercialized, fast-paced version of this island. It's economy is actually doing pretty well at the moment, and the general opinion seems to be that jobs are available there, if I want them.

I don't really want a fast-paced, commercialized life style at the moment. It sounds like there is "more" of everything on Guam.

More jobs.
More expenses.
More tourists.
More US military personnel.
More american businesses.

But I don't know yet if I'll have many chances to be online...this weekend is the Baha'i National Convention of the Marianas-so through Sunday I'll be pretty busy. I will also get to check out some meetings on the island, more people means more fellowship. Looking forward to it!


ksawhill said...

wow--cool--going to guam. Met a Sister from Chook (Chuk?) today. Close to you. Americans call it Truk. Do you know the universal "hello" in the islands? Raising your eyebrows when you meet or see someone. I did it today with her, and she did it back! We laughed about that.
Going out to the Declaration of the Bab celeb at Marc's. Wish you were here!

ryran said...

Sweeet. I'm sure it will be an interesting weekend.

ryran said...

(what are the odds of that?! mom & I reading & posting in the exact same minute?!)