Monday, May 26, 2008


I am learning that it helps my readers if I can convey a message in fewer words, and while I am pretty sure this is possible, I do so like to hear myself, err, type...

I hope you have had the experience of revitalization at some point in your lives. What I mean when I say that is the experience of re-learning, or having beliefs re-affirmed by others through some indirect form of communication. I don't simply speak of "mob thinking", where the sentiments and energies of a large group of people can influence one's own thinking, but the actual realization of truth, deep inside, not from the outside, which confirms something that has always been there-albeit often forgotten.

Sharing the Word of God with others brings great joy.

No matter how sure I am of my path, there is always room for improvement.

My tests are nothing compared to the tests of some people on this planet-and I should always be grateful for my hardships-because they are mine-they are me.

I am here to be of service to my fellow man.

Everyone is doing the best they can at this time.

I was so overcome this weekend by so many emotions, but mostly by the love and sense of community that I was drawn into by a group of folks who know nothing of me. I was awed by people who had left their homes in America decades ago to spread the faith that they believed in. They came to the Marianas when there was no comfort of modern America as there is today...and they have stayed and raised families, and built a loving community. And despite the current situation, they have continued to teach and spread their love, even as they see their efforts bear only little fruit. For my entire life I have heard this message of brotherly love, this promise of God that there is more than And I feel now how deeply others must have felt when it blazed in their own hearts...I must share this with you. With her and him. With them. Not because your salvation depends upon it. Not because I get anything from it.

Because it fills my heart with joy to do so. No matter whether you accept or reject it. And I will follow that joy wherever it takes me. I love you all.


ksawhill said...

I remember meeting people 30 years ago, who had made similar commitments to help build that community, far from their native homes. Many of those are no longer on this plane, but I think of the love, the faith, the steadfastness it demands, to be willing to bury your bones in another land. I look forward to finding out more about their stories in Raro, in December. I guess this is one of the reasons Shoghi Effendi encouraged us to attend summer & winter schools and conventions--b/c they lift our spirits and help us to be a part of that spiritual endeavor.

sonya said...

There are so many things I think to say about so much of what you say, Rio... and somehow I wind up believing I don't have time or its not worth it or you wouldn't actually be interested... its interesting. But I do read faithfully and I appreciate your efforts at connection. A lot. Thank you.