Friday, July 25, 2008

No Vegetarians Allowed

It began with pork ribs
and about twenty hot dogs
out came the containers of steamed rice
green salad-with apple slices in it-
of course the kimchi.
by the time my plate was full
chicken wings were ready
with some spicy chili sauce to flavor them
followed shortly by beef sliced
the way that I have only seen Koreans do it
some T-bone steaks to add to the mix
and large shrimp followed that
I ended it all up with a tin-foil wrapped potato
a plate full of sliced mangoes that weren't totally thawed
and marshmallows to roast over the dying charcoals of the grill
as children shout at each other in Korean
and I turn down a cold Bud Light...
I realize just how well these folks would fit in
at a BBQ in North Carolina
or anywhere else in the U.S.
if only people weren't so blind to our inherent oneness.

1 comment:

Paryssa said...

Whutchu talkin'bout Willis??? There's plenty for a veggie! I mean, rice, salad, potato, fruit, marshmallows...uh, well...I mean, its a whole nutritious meal, all rolled up in one vegetarian sushi roll ;-)

Love and Miss you TONZ!!