Monday, July 28, 2008


an email to my father dated April 5th, 2008,
he asked me to 'describe' where i was...

cherry blossoms--white and pink
petals falling down on you like snow
bamboo forests
wind whistling through them
stone cairns
in graveyards from at least a thousand years ago
sounds of trains
beautiful roofs
and houses stacked on top of each other up the mountainside
always rice cooking
and the smell that a city makes when throngs of people stomp around it all day long
oh yeah
apparently japanese as a culture don't wear deoderant
not that bad yet
as the temp is still mild
but i can't even buy any there
maybe in the other places
may need a care package
or maybe its one less amenity to worry about
toliet seats are almost always heated


ryran said...

mmmmmmmm. high-tech planet-killing Japanese toilets. mmmmmm.

sonya said...

Leave it to Ry to research Japanese toilets...

ryran said...

not research. I just read Gizmodo and remembered that story coming up recently.