Sunday, July 20, 2008

My piriformis is sore. Now, since my spell-checker doesn't know what a piriformis is, maybe you don't either. It is a muscle that has it's attachments on the sacrum and the grater trochanter of the femur, and its main action is lateral rotation at the hip joint...or you could say it's a muscle in your butt that turns your leg.

That's it. Hope you weren't looking for a whole lot more.

Oh, and I am absolutely ecstatic right now! I just can't tell you why!


Randi said...

me, me, pick me I know what a piriformis is!!! Mine hurts all the time!!

ryran said...

hehehe.... Randi made me laugh out loud.

but why, oh why can't you tell us why you're so happy?

Michael said...

Ryan's question is a good one: we want to be happy with you. The new poet laureate of the US was interviewed on NPR and read one of her poems. There was a line +/- 'patience is like a diamond'