Tuesday, June 10, 2008

neighbor dogs
who come running toward the sound of my scooter every time I pull up
barking and just making a general ruckus
that subsides once I cut the engine and say
"Hey there doggies"
in a soft yet excited tone of voice
that causes them to go from their on-guard stance
to the curling-body-with-a-wagging-tail stance that says
"please pet me!"
the scenario repeats itself when I leave
in a mirror image they act
and follow me up the driveway
barking and chasing
until they grow tired and return home
casting satisfied glances over their shoulders
with a triumphant sense of accomplishment

Gobi would do the exact same thing if he were here
so, Why DO dogs like to bark at and chase small-engine powered vehicles so much?


Momtecki said...

It gives them something to do.

Randi said...

You know when two people (mainly girls) haven't seen each other in awhile and they run at each other and scream? Well I think dogs are making fun of us by greeting us barking. Thats just my opinion

ryran said...

randi made me laugh.