Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dear mr. president

This is a song I heard for the first time on the radio here in Saipan yesterday. I was amazed as the song went on...before it was over the radio station had cut the song off-and then seemed to go through a little bit of a scramble to get back on the air. It is powerful. I don't know if it's all true. I don't believe that we can lay all the damage in our country at any one person's feet. But I never been so frustrated in dealing with other people as I have been over the past eight-plus years of debating George W. Bush and his abilities with his supporters. And now, as people jump the sinking ship of his administration, and experts analyze and corroborate the views that many of the citizens of this country have held...the question still remains:

What the hell are we going to do about it?

If you like just listening to socially conscious music-nothing wrong with just liking some music-check out these guys...the Flobots...while their new single is good-I like some of the other songs with their more direct messages. Check out the whole album, or especially the track Stand Up. This is the video for the first single "Handlebars".


Momtecki said...

Vote in November.

ksawhill said...

change YOUR world

ryran said...

My oh my! On the radio?? That's pretty amazing. I'm surprised you hadn't heard it before though. Even without going into the issues, no one can deny the emotive power of this performance...

Ya know, I'm curious to know what they actually have in mind with the handlebars lyrics. 'Cause, though I LOVE the song (and vid) and it gets me excited, it definitely isn't clear to me what the message is.
Before I posted the above, I found the official music video. ... Wow. That explains it much more clearly. And awesomely.