Monday, August 4, 2008


I have recently:

got this and other awe-some pics from WA
bought a slightly-used "new" car for $1300
worried about money
spent a few days house-sitting in a nice house with a gorgeous view of the bay
spent a couple hours soaking at Mandi Spa (mmmmmmm!)
tutored six Korean children and two adults
played in a soccer tournament hosted by the Saipan Korean Football League
given some serious thought as to where & how I want to spend the next year of my life
almost sold my house in Charlotte, NC but not quite
experienced my first serious case of writers block on a project with a deadline
really missed my dog
not stretched enough and experienced some serious pain as a result
worried about money some more
read Martha's blog and put off creating yet another email account so that I could tell her that I think she is an amazing woman and that we all have neuroses
prayed for assistance
still haven't massaged anyone
missed my dog who isn't mine anymore
missed my brother who (even though he's adopted) still is mine
wanted to tell my family and friends that
I love them ALL.


Michael said...

Gobi is his own dog. You and I have simply traded places in his life for a while and, after all, everything is only for a while. What year, make and model?

JustMe said...


Momtecki said...

You're a lovable guy.

sonya said...

i love you too

bradinthesand said...

i have recently:

-contemplated life as a dog whisperer
-not eaten
-thought about food
-fought the resistance to change
-enjoyed a 3a.m. conversation
-thought about eating the food i previously thought about
-worried about not making the nationals again
-taken on day 9 of my 10-day master cleanse
-started reading your blog

keep it going. nice to read your stuff.

ryran said...