Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A page from another's blog...

I have this friend, her name is Martha..and she apparently has a blog, a fact which I was not aware of until very recently. Ours is one of the longest surviving friendships of my life, since we met almost 20 years ago.

Although we were out of touch for quite some time, when we finally began talking again, I was amazed by her travel stories and the richness of her life. While I had been stagnating away in the same town for years, she had left our home state and seen some of the world, all the while-in my mind at least-holding on to the Baha'i ideals that we had been raised with.

She inspired me. She confirmed for me yet again that it was possible to try to live up to the demanding moral standards that we were taught as children. I rebelled against it. Maybe she did too, a little. But she kept the nose of her ship pointed in the right direction, while I left the monkey in charge of my ship and went below to have some rum with the wenches.

She knows (now!) how amazing I think she is. And this article on the persecution of Iranian Baha'is came from her blog. If you want to read some of her other stuff, beware...she is a damn smart girl...and an okay swimmer too!


martha said...

for the record.

i love you very very very much. hurry up and bring yourself home.
seattle misses you and i miss you.

JustMe said...

thanks mar,
but i am going to be out seeing the world for a little while yet..
i haven't seen even 1/10th as much as you have!