Wednesday, August 6, 2008

brilliant ideas

I have them on a regular basis.
I do not remember them on a regular basis.
Enough about me...
I picked up a book titled 'A Moment on Earth"
from the end table of a house I am "sitting" at.
The book is a DVDBook about an idea a guy had
to synchronously film multiple places on the Earth.
Wonderful idea. It worked out.
Neat movie.
Check out the website for a little bit of a teaser.


Michael said...

there have been a couple of books - still b&w/color photos, with the same concept.
makes one think like you might have as a teenager, looking at the moon and imagining your heart's desire, at the same moment, seeing the same orb a continent away.

Saipan Middle Road said...

hey there.

thanks for linking to SaipanMiddleRoad.Com.

Is Burrough's book "Dry" a good read?