Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goodbye in photographs

I said goodbye to you
Goodbye to each picture
Each moment from the story that we shared
Although we each wrote our own version

Goodbye to you on the beach of Rarotonga at sunset in your blue tee shirt
Goodbye to us standing underneath the lanterns in the square at Chiang Mai
On a beautiful day we climbed One Tree Hill in Auckland
And I remember thinking how beautiful you were as I snapped pictures

In Jordan we journeyed to some city at the top of a mountain to look west towards Jerusalem
(I think it started with a K) and we took pictures on a windy day
You had on your hoodie and I wore the pink sunglasses you got in Thailand
And how blessed I felt as I took a picture of you in Akka from up on the sea wall -- Goodbye

On the boulders at the beach in (Raglan?) you stopped following me as I jumped down lower
And again I found you in your striped hoodie with sunglasses on...
Together we posed at Moeraki Boulders out in the surf and that picture is gone
Like the photo of you singing with Hami and Saia -- I can tell that we are gonna be friends

Kneeling in front of a golden buddha in Chiang Mai
No more will our legs touch like they did
It took forever to burn all of these pictures
And I may have forgotten some because they seemed to never end

And the last picture was us coming out of the restaurant in our wedding clothes
Holding hands and looking young and joyful
Married but an hour or two

Goodbye to that as well

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