Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite New Song...OR...His name is Rio and he dances blah blah blah

Day Fever
photo by Erick Duque

First a little disclaimer...this is a really good song. Really good. You have to give it a listen. Please.

Yes it is my name. But that's NOT why it is my new favorite song. Really. Just give it a listen. You'll see...

Rio by Hey Marseilles

Now...was I telling the truth? That has to be one of the most infectious jams I have gotten a hold of in quite a while. Hey Marseilles is quite the band, a 7 piece group to be exact. You can check them out at their website or you can watch the video on!

This is a recent video they shot on tour...its an acoustic version of the song...DON"T watch this without listening to the studio version also!!

Since this post has started off rather decidedly self-obsessed, I figure why quit now?! Here is the original Rio in song; sung to me repeatedly throughout my life upon introducing myself to someone. I never even knew what people were talking about...somehow I missed ever hearing this Duran Duran hit. I blame my mom for not letting me near MTV when we visited my cousins. So I was a freshman in college before I ever heard this song "played". If you really want some '80s hilarity, go find the music video for this song!
Rio by Duran Duran

From here on I just did some digging and found a little of this and some of that. Lots of Latin and Spanish music/influence goes with this name, as you would expect. Also a good bit of electronic, and of course, a Brazilian funk/jazz/something band from the late 70s...Banda Black Rio. Check out their video.

Rio by The Salvadors

Southern Australian band...from Adelaide to be exact. Their single Atacama Disco was what was getting all the attention so check it out too.

Rio Mescalito by Thunderball

These guys popped up during the "rio" search. I am just going to give you the link to the RCRD LBL blog, where you can read a short write-up, and also get the link to the remix by Mexicans With Guns. Click Here

uma cidade tão linda ...
picture by gabriellasouza

Vidigal by Banda Black Rio

They are still a group, of course not the same as in the 70s...they have a websitetoo!

Bom Dia Rio (Posto 6) by Bossacucanova

I really dig the blog that I found this on...hErE.

Heartless by Rio En Medio

A women. A voice. Listen and see what you think.

Lastly, go to Rio Blanco's MySpace page and have a listen to his song Wild Doves. I would share the song directly but I deleted my MySpace account earlier this year, so you're on your own.
seven in the afternoon.
photo byErick Duque

That's all the Rio music for today....BUT WAIT! My actual name isn't (technically) even Rio...sooooooooo I looked up my real name, and found what I was looking for...

Delores O'Riordan--lead singer of the Cranberries--her last name is my first name! I thought I would leave you with a song by her, than I realized that we all know those songs, so I will leave you with a link, to a blog where you can play a song by Passion Pit COVERING her band and their hit 'Dreams'.

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