Friday, June 25, 2010


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

yes i want some validation.
someone to tell me that i am making the right choice.
expectations surround me stealthily,
infiltrating my camp like a bunch of damn ninja.
can i stay here and make a difference?
of course. the question is more like
where can't i make difference.
how do i help-
how do i teach-
making a difference is all i ever wanted.
but my dream is so much bigger than one person at a time,
one person CAN make a difference
i know that;
and yet, i am so unsure and
that my next step might send me plummeting
to an early end.
how did i get to this point again?
asking-what do i want to do with my life
for the seventeenth million time
how can some people know?
do you know?
what you want to do with your life.
are you certain?


JustMe said...

my love, i couldn't agree more!
just helping one person, what's the point?
unless of course, that one person is you.

think of everyone who's helped you along the way,
what if they had thought, 'what's the point? he's only one person.
From a friend in Miami...

Anonymous said...

i may never know, my journey takes me where i need to go, learn things i need to learn and give what i have away whatever it may be at that moment. stop and queit your heart and let the energy with in guide you. i believe in you and i know you are doing an amazing thing for yourself and lots of others wether you feel it or not. i am proud of you. you have already made a difference. and i love you 2.

From Christie