Monday, April 28, 2008

For the dogs' sake...

I would like to clarify my first post about the boonie dogs.
Although there are many boonie dogs on this island, roaming around and generally looking disheveled, there is an abundance of love and loyalty for man's best friend no lesser here than any other peopled place.
The next day after that post I witnessed two separate fathers and sons bring their respective dogs/puppies to the ocean and try to teach them to swim. AKA drag them into the water and tell them to like it. Whatever. But here's the thing-the dog's allowed it. They quite obviously loved and respected their owners.
I have some boonie dog pics but I haven't got them up on flickr yet.
if you don't know, my flickr site is
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love the person next to you today.


Paryssa said...

Muy bien Rio. I am so glad to have this to be in touch with you. I love your process. Keep going!! You are doing great! We miss you much and love you more!

ps Aliana is walking now!! :-) And Jordon wants to know if you are coming for dinner :-) Kinda hard to explain that you won't be coming because you are half way around the world...he's not getting that concept yet. don't know why ;-)

ksawhill said...

I really look forward to reading these. It's brought so many memories of the islands back to me. It's so different there (from here), and of course, also the same.
Love, Mom